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How to Get Your First Promotion

I offered some advice on how to manage the overall arc of your career in an earlier post. Today, I’ll focus on the the halcyon period of entry level work. Specifically, how to get promoted out of it.

This should unquestionably be the easiest promotion of your career and you should aim to get it fast. If you linger too long in low level work your professional brand takes on the untenable scent of “failure to launch” and practically speaking almost all entry level work is underpaid, so getting up and out quickly is important in your quest to make real money and start building your net worth.

The Mental Framework of Success

What attribute correlates most strongly with career success?

People often point to externals – an ivy league education or a well connected family member. Occasionally, they’ll cite internal aspects – an abundance of talent, chart-topping intelligence or an immutable work ethic. The more nihilistic might chalk it all up to luck – just being in the right place at the right time.

Without question, all of those factors will help, but none of those will get you anywhere without the right frame of mind.

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