What’s this?

I started this blog to shed some light on the unwritten rules and never-taught techniques that actually get people ahead in their professional lives. I’ve lost count of the number of colleagues I’ve seen bewildered as to why they were passed up for that promotion or unwillingly pulled into the latest round of layoffs. I see even more people working way too many hours in jobs that don’t satisfy them making less money than they should alongside people they hate. The secrets aren’t complicated, but they don’t teach them in college and almost nobody in the working world will clue you in.

This blog is written for young and mid-career professionals who are pretty sure the career advice their parents and professors gave them just don’t apply anymore. It’s written for ambitious people that want to get ahead, make more money and enjoy their life. I’ve managed over 300 people in my career and the vast majority will never get ahead because they unknowingly violate the cardinal rules of corporate climbing.

I am a firm believer that anyone can retire comfortably with a net worth of millions of dollars after a prosperous career in corporate America. All it takes is a steady stream of promotions and pay raises.

I will teach you how to get them.

Why should I listen to you?

I am 30-something executive living in New York City who practices what I preach. I was born into a middle class family with no notable business connections or wealth, my highest educational attainment is an undergraduate degree from a mid-tier college, and I do not possess any unique technical skills or knowledge. Yet, I’ve managed to grow and nurture my career from entry level to executive in less than 10 years, working for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. I make over $750,000 a year and I am on track to be financially independent by 45 years old.

I truly believe this is possible for everyone reading this blog; all it takes is a healthy dose of self-reflection and a little hard work.